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10 tips for perfect compost

Whether you’ve got a tiny urban patch or large garden, Garden writer Simon Akeroyd’s new book Perfect Compost will help you harness the magic of composting to make your plants thrive. Here are his top 10 tips for perfect compost:

  1. Regularly turn your compost
  2. Use a mix of green and brown material
  3. Chop up larger material
  4. Avoid perennial weeds
  5. Ensure your compost bin is rodent-proof
  6. Have more than one compost bin
  7. Prevent compost from drying out
  8. Place bin so it has good access from the house
  9. Place bin directly on soil if possible
  10. Try wormeries if you don’t have room for a compost bin

perfect compost

Perfect Compost is packed with useful tips for successful composting, from deciding what to put in your kitchen compost caddy to how to use the final product in your garden. Out now!

Illustrations by Abi Read.