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You are positively awesome!


You are positively awesome.

It’s so easy to forget that. Life gets in the way, we keep adding to our to-do lists and firefighting our way through (big and small) daily battles. We fail to remember our awesomeness and we don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve and even though deep down we know it’s okay not to be okay, we all need a reminder from time to time.

In this book, Stacie Swift offers everyday bursts of positivity and an extra dose of self-kindness – reminding you that you are positively awesome! Whether you need an affirmation to make you smile or practical tips on upping your self-care, Stacie brings a rainbow of good vibes filled with self-care prompts and words to live by.

Stacie Swift is an illustrator, writer, coffee drinker and a busy mum of three.

Drawing from the struggles and juggles of everyday life and the ups and downs we all experience with our mental health, she found her voice by sharing her own words of support and positivity; self-care and words of wisdom all wrapped up in an accessible rainbow of colourful drawings and lettering posted daily to Instagram. Focusing on positivity, self-care and mental wellbeing, Stacie’s illustrations aims to bring a bit of brightness to each day by offering support and affirmations in an accessible and relatable format.

Her book and illustrations are for everyone – we all need a burst of positivity and some self-care reminders to get us through life’s ups and downs.

Stacie Swift is available for interview. For press enquiries, please contact Komal Patel: