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Free Stacie Swift ‘Positively Awesome’ download

Illustrator and self-care influencer Stacie Swift has connected with over a quarter of a million followers around the world through her feel-good Instagram posts.

Stacie’s ‘The Positively Awesome Journal’ is a space to record the good and bad days. To work through the ups and downs.  And a place to focus on self-care and positive well-being.

With artwork that makes you smile and colours that lift your mood, this journal invites you to start your very own journaling journey in style. Be guided by the self-care tips and activities, empowered by the affirmations and inspired by the illustrations that offer a daily dose of encouragement and positivity, reminding you of how awesome you are.

Designed to promote and encourage mental well-being, it is the perfect pick-me-up to help keep you uplifted, motivated and understood. You can finally write that ‘not-to-do’ list, prioritise your tasks, learn how to set social media boundaries, make your own luck, complete a feeling forecast, create a dream log, fill out a meal plan, give thanks, celebrate your progress and find plenty of room for self-reflection – all in one safe place.

With this free download from Stacie’s The Positively Awesome Journal, you can tick a box each day to keep a record of your feelings each week.



  • My Weekly Feelings Forecast Download

    Download and print out this free poster from Stacie’s The Positively Awesome Journal and tick a box each day to keep a record of your feelings every week.