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10 Silly Children

Jon Lander

Pavilion Children's


ISBN: 9781843654957

Price: £ 7.99

Publication date: 5 August 2021

Category: Picture Books

This book has been specially designed for parents to read to their children so that they may learn how to sit quietly, eat their peas and respect their elders. The previous statement was a lie.

This lift-the-flap fun and joyous story celebrates all things silly. This is the perfect way to teach children their first ten numbers, whilst also allowing for some fun along the way. 

The children are behaving sensibly – painting peacefully, helping with the washing, brushing their teeth and more. But what is under the flap? Are they making a mess? Dressing up a lion? Brushing the teeth of a crocodile? How silly! Close that flap quick!

This book will engage young children, holding their attention through its interactive flap-out page design, the minimal use of illustration and the use of repetitive and simple phrases. Lander’s highly skilled and original illustrative style feels spontaneous and freehand which complements the ‘silly’ subject matter.



Jon Lander is a UK-based author and illustrator. His critically acclaimed illustrations are made lovingly free-hand using watercolours and inks, giving them a pleasing sense of spontaneity and originality.

In 2018 he completed the hugely prestigious MA in Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University. 



'Very funny ... Conveyed in playful, free-feeling hand-drawn sweeps of colour, while solemn injections not to open said flaps give the book a conspiratorial feel, perfect for reading aloud'

The Guardian

'On the face of it the children here are behaving impeccably. Lift the flaps, though, and it’s a very different story.'

Reader's Digest

‘This joyous lift-the-flap debut puts a fun spin on the traditional counting book, showing that mundane activities such as eating your vegetables and learning manners don’t have to be boring’

The Bookseller

'A joy-filled lift-the-flap book … Jon Lander’s book holds the attention through cleverly narrated anticipation and intelligent crafting'

Armadillo magazine

‘Lander’s illustration is reminiscent of the joyous looseness of Tony Ross and Quentin Blake, and this simple book has the same classic feel as one of their picture books. It’s a brilliant idea to start a book by telling readers NOT to do something, when of course we know that’s the first thing they're going to do – and when the book has been set up precisely to reveal the raucous activities of the silly children inside the flaps, as opposed to the sensible ones on the outside… A really original book that delights in the fun that can be had when we’re really, really silly.’


'This is an absolute riot of a book, and there's a bit of stealth learning in there too as it's great for little ones who are learning numbers'

Teeny Readers

'[This book] has given us PLENTY of giggles!'

Little Literary Society

'Glorious … Youngsters will love this freewheeling story with its lift-the-flap fun and joyous celebration of all things silly as we discover just what slapstick fun is hidden behind every seemingly peaceful, sedate scene'


'I love how inclusive the book is, and also the tradition feel the illustrations have. It feels nostalgic and cosy. I also love the seemingly strict and disapproving narrative throughout, it definitely adds humour!'

Rosie's Library

'Delightful ... With repetition, brilliant illustrations and flaps, there is so much to keep young readers entertained and occupied ... A fun guessing game to be had before the flaps get opened'

My Shelves Are Full

'This is such a fun story … Luna absolutely loved this book, she laughed along and got so excited each time we opened the flap'

Little Moon's Library

'A twist on the usual picture book about numbers … [A] comic take on the classic number book'

It's All About Stories

'This fabulous book by Jon Lander is a wonderful celebration of these little misdemeanours and of imagination and creativity! … This book is great fun and had added lots of laughs to our reading this week and also encouraged me to get out of 'teacher mode' relax into some more silly play'

Mrs Brown's Book Box

'This hugely entertaining, tongue-in-cheek book will delight young listeners (and one hopes their adult sharers) with its inherent silliness and repeat phrases'

Red Reading Hub

‘Fun and joyful… Young children will love anticipating what silly activity will come next and this book will hold their attention with its interactive flip out page designs’

Creative Steps magazine

'The perfect book for silliness'


'I love it! ... A fun, unique counting book for young children which promises giggles of delight throughout ... I love the way Lander has captured the essence of storytelling and imaginative play in this book which is not only linguistically pleasing, but aesthetically too with the hidden pictures under the fold-out pages ... This wonderful book will delight many families and classrooms over the coming years and will promote a love of reading, counting and imaginative talk. A great gift for Christmas!'

The Values Bookshelf

'An exuberant counting book crammed with creative, artistic, anarchic joy!'

Discover Children's Books

‘There are giggles guaranteed with this counting caper - a brilliantly fun take on a timeless idea, and an excellent book for bedtime, if you want to end the day on a high … absolutely bonkers and brilliant fun!’

Little Literary Society

'Buy this. Your children will adore it, and you'

Maggie & Rose