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100% My Type on Paper

A doodling canoodling activity book

Verity Blythe



ISBN: 9781911622048

Price: £7.99

Publication date: 23 November 2017

Category: Humour

Is there a hole in your week where a certain TV dating show used to be? Do you want to dive back into the pool of shimmering amorous advances and bantz? Are you feeling totally mugged off and a complete Tuna Melt? If these words make sense to you then step right in and let’s get grafting. If they don’t make sense to you then where have you been?

100% My Type on Paper is a doodling activity book for everyone. Unleash your inner love goddess and explore your romantic side through a series of buzzin’ un-psychometric and 100% unscientific tests, such as:

– Draw a head on this buff torso, and draw the lower half of his body. Draw him with swim shorts on, or draw him without. You decide.

– It’s your birthday pool party! Draw up a drinks menu, make a playlist and plan your theme. Unicorn Princess? Roman Harem? Who would you invite?

– Think about your friends and draw up your own Girl Code. Who is playing by the rules and who needs a talking to?

With general lifestyle tips that will arm you with everything you need to crack on with life and love, 100% My Type on Paper will take you to the heat of a Mediterranean island even if it’s a wet Wednesday in Worthing.


Verity Blythe is a made up author. If she did exist she may well be made up of two entirely different people who both enjoy reality TV shows, and who also have experience of writing for TV and the gift book genre.