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101 Amazing Dad Skills

Improve your parenting know-how and have more fun in the process

Edward Dickens



ISBN: 9781911042815

Price: £9.99

Publication date: 11 May 2017

Category: Humour

From how to improvise a bedtime story to the ins and outs of high-quality dad dancing, 101 Amazing Dad Skills is an essential read for all long-suffering dads and excited fathers-to-be.


It contains a heady mix of fun and inspiring Dad skills for the modern family, balanced with a comforting portion of old-school favourites – this is the book your kids will thank you for reading.


Manage a sleepover party, make the best roast potatoes in the world, cast a sleeping spell and get to grips with Snapchat – all feature within. Fully illustrated throughout and with a selection of handy Amazing Dad vouchers at the end, 101 Amazing Dad Skills is the Daddy of all parental advice books.


Edward Dickens worked for various book publishers for almost 20 years before finally deciding enough was enough and giving up the day job to pursue a career as an author. So far so good – this is his third book having co-authored the political satires The Brexsh*t Book and What the Trump?! both for Portico. Edward is the father of two smallish boys and one larger man-boy, so is out of the woods in terms of nappies but very much in the thick of it in terms of trying to keep everyone happy, least of all his wife and himself. Edward lives in Hove, England.