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Agent Provocateur: Exhibitionist

Enzo Peccinotti



ISBN: 9781862057142

Price: £20.00

Publication date: 24 November 2005

Series: Agent Provocateur

Category: Erotica

Timed to coincide with Agent Provocateur’s 10th Anniversary, this book celebrates their famous kinky window displays. Are they real or are they mannequins? They are arousing and stimulating – cocking two fingers at British prudery and celebrating the female body, and sexual attraction. From themes such as ‘weapons of mass distraction’ to subliminal messages of attraction and desire, Agent Provocateur’s shop windows are dramatic and daring. This very intimate shopping experience has achieved notoriety through stunning and stimulating window displays, which have become famous worldwide.


This book is a stimulating look at these erotic exhibitions, which matches Enzo Peccinotti’s photography with quotes from Vivienne Westwood to the Editrice of Erotic Review.