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Aggie’s Family Cookbook

Save time, save money

Aggie MacKenzie



ISBN: 9781862059313

Price: £ 20.00

Publication date: 10 October 2011

Category: Cookery

Aggie helps you to learn how to plan a week’s worth of dishes, from breakfast to lunch to dinner. She gives advice on recipes to choose for days when you’re busy and days when you have more time; when the whole family will eat together, when they won’t and when friends are likely to drop by.

There are lots of tips for saving money too, such as cooking with leftovers, clever ways to bulk out a dinner for four so that it serves six and ideas for cooking delicious dishes with cheaper ingredients. 

All the recipes are foolproof; for classic dishes such as Baked Chicken with Lemon, Beef Wellington, Beef and Mushroom Pie, Chocolate Fridge Cake and Apple Pie there are simple steps to show how it’s done. 

The book contains over 100 recipes, many with specially commissioned photographs. 


Aggie MacKenzie is best known for co-presenting the enormously successful TV show How Clean is Your House? Before that she was head of the Good Housekeeping Institute, where she oversaw the cookery and consumer departments of the magazine. She has a monthly money-wise and tips column in Good Housekeeping, a tried-and-tested page in Delicious and regular columns in Sainsbury’s Magazine and Best. She has published numerous best-selling books, including The Cleaning Bible and Ask Aggie: For All Your Cleaning Solutions