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Architect Your Home

The complete design and planning reference for home renovation and building projects

Hugo Tugman

Collins & Brown


ISBN: 9781843404743

Price: £ 20.00

Publication date: 1 February 2010


Given the dead costs involved in moving house, more and more people are choosing to make alterations to their existing homes rather than seek pastures new. By choosing to work with an architect, many people are aware they will have access to effective quality design, expert advice and professional resources. But how do you start this process? When you’re already worried about your budget, does it make sense to consider the expense of employing an architect on your home? Whether you’re looking to simply rearrange your existing rooms or have ambitions towards a kitchen or loft conversion, Architect Your Home has every piece of information that you need to run a successful project. Designing Forwards illuminates the possibilities that design can offer and explores, step-by-step, the decision-making criteria that make great home design. Understanding the process of working with building trade is often half the battle – not to mention getting to grips with the full range of legal issues, planning permissions and building regulations involved. Getting The Builders In takes you systematically through all the stages involved, whatever scale of project you are considering. Finally, The Information provides a comprehensive illustrated directory of building and interior materials and products. Packed with photographs and case studies, plans and illustrations, this is a complete and practical guide to achieving your dream home.


Drawing upon his years of experience in working with private clients on domestic projects, Hugo Tugman founded Architect Your Home in 2001. AYH has developed a unique method of offering a pick-and-choose menu of architectural services to homeowners. The AYH network is made up of firms of architects based throughout the country and is now the largest provider of architectural services to the UK private domestic market.