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Big City Atlas

Maggie Li

Pavilion Children's


ISBN: 9781843654599

Price: £ 8.99

Publication date: 11 June 2020

Category: Non-Fiction

Join cheerful globetrotter Penguin as he takes you on a world tour of 28 amazing cities. Packed with information and facts about every city, this is an entertaining and educational book that enables you to travel the world from your own home. 

Each city has its own spread including a map of the central district, showing sites, cultural information, hot spots and famous landmarks. Look out for over 100 special details within the pages waiting to be explored! 

Cities included:

San Francisco, Mexico City, Chicago, Toronto, New York, Washington DC, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Rome, Madrid, Cairo, Istanbul, Cape Town, Dubai, Mumbai, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Auckland.


Maggie is a freelance illustrator working in London since she graduated from Kingston University in 2010. She is the Art Director of popular magazine, OKIDO and has worked on their TV series, The Okido Show, aired on Cbeebies. Her work has appeared in The Big Issue, Sunday Times, Telegraph, Le Monde, Reader’s Digest, New Statesman, Wired, Time Out, Flamingo magazine and Condé Nast Traveller. She also works with Google, Eurostar, Heineken and American Airlines. Maggie is part of the increasingly popular Zombie Collective. Maggie particularly likes working with maps and old travelling ephemera.



'An engaging book that will interest and intrigue all budding young jetsetters'

'[A] bright and engrossing pictorial feast… This super-accessible trip around the world is presented as pictorial city plans with illustrated places of interest and added text boxes packed with fascinating facts.'

'The wealth of information included on each page paired with the bold and colourful designs make for such an enjoyable read … Seems to offer something different from what already exists with regards to children’s atlases and provides it in a way that children would hugely enjoy … Just the right amount of detail in each page, combined with beautifully illustrated drawings, to maintain the reader’s attention and entice them into discovering what the next page has in store.'

'This beautiful atlas is sure to inspire little explorers to go globetrotting'

'A book [my children] will cherish for years and years.'

'Just the right amount of detail in each page, combined with beautifully illustrated drawings ... No matter how many times you read this book, there is always an opportunity to learn something new and will certainly be revisited time and time again.'

'Sumptuously illustrated, this junior atlas is packed with information and facts about every city… This is an entertaining and educational book that enables you to travel the world from your own home, which is definitely relevant right now! … A fab whirlwind tour of amazing places, with a cool penguin as your guide.'

'A wonderful antidote to lockdown- a colourful world tour of the world’s most amazing cities ... broadening a child’s horizons has never seemed more meaningful or relevant ... A valuable addition to classroom collections.'

'A gorgeous book that takes you on an adventure around the most famous cities in the world… [and a] super fun, free activity pack.'

'Packed with beautiful illustrations ... An entertaining and educational book that enables you to travel the world from your own home ... An eye-opening learning adventure, and an ideal addition to home and school shelves.'

'An absorbingly detailed guide to 28 world cities accompanied by a cheery penguin tour guide and boasting a nice balance of funny trivia and weightier facts.'

Imogen Russell Williams,

'A good global spread of locations and cultures. Children will love pouring over the detail of the map and images of famous landmarks... The pages are colourful, but the soft tones mean that the pages do not appear too busy and the clever design and judicious use of text boxes does not overwhelm the reader... A valuable addition to classroom collections.'

Joy Court,

'A brand spanking new edition of this jam-packed trip around the globe ... a bustling and vibrant introduction to 28 major cities across the world.'

'A fact-filled magical journey around the world's major cities - great for young adventurers to discover.'

'I found this a fascinating map book ... Maggie Li has written it with just the right amount of information on each page, with a good balance between facts old, new and fun, drawing your eye in one every page with her bright illustrations'

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  • Big City Atlas Activity Pack

    Follow Penguin on a world tour of 28 amazing cities! Make your own passport, draw Penguin’s outfits and enjoy many puzzles and activities along the way!