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Car Games

100 Games to Avoid

Jo Pink


ISBN: 9781861057761

Price: £6.99

Publication date: 16 September 2004

Category: Games

"Dad, when are we going to get there…?" It’s the question every parent dreads, especially if it comes after less than a quarter of the journey and the traffic ahead looks all snarled up. ‘Car Games’ will help put a stop to the monotony of mile-munching journeys and get the family talking. There are games for every age group from simple observation games that even the youngest can join in, to word games you can use to stretch your children’s vocabluary. In the countryside play "Cow Football" and score field goals, touchdowns, and safeties when you pass fields of livestock. In town you can challenge your kids to "Mailbox Ping-Pong." If you’re confined to a major highway then it can be ‘Bridge baseball" or "License Plate Scramble." Readers can take the ideas in the book and adapt them for their own family.


With a little bit of pre-journey preparation vacation trips can become big family occasions. In the 21st century time is a scarce resource and children rarely have the undivided attention of one if not two parents, so this is a great opportunity for talking and interacting. ‘Car Games’ also includes tips on what else to bring on car journeys to help keep the children happy and make the time pass quicker than ever.


Jo Pink has been involved with words and word games since graduating from York University with a degree in German, Swahili and Linguistics. She has worked for various trade publishers and magazines. Her first book Are We There Yet? (9781843406006) was published by Collins and Brown in 2010.