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Classic Showbiz Clangers

An Amusing Collection of Showbiz's Most Embarrassing Moments From Over a Century

David Mortimer


ISBN: 9781861059284

Price: £6.99

Publication date: 27 April 2006

Series: Classic Clangers

Category: Popular Culture

Showbiz might not be the second oldest profession, but it’s not far off. Ever since Nero fiddled while Rome burned and Salome demanded so outrageous a fee for dropping her veils that she ended up with the worst notice in history, the human instinct to get up and perform has produced a pleasing mountain of ill-timed gaffes.


‘Classic Showbiz Clangers’ collects some of the more engaging – or notorious – examples from the 20th and 21st centuries, ranging from Hugh Grant’s ill-advised encounter with the divine Divine Brown in a white BMW to the over-eager radio announcer who invited his listeners to ‘stay stewed for the nudes’ as a news-flash beckoned.


David Mortimer’s hilarious look at stage, screen, variety, panto and more will lead you to discover how the great Edmund Kean single-handedly wrecked a performance of ‘Macbeth’ and what cured Winona Ryder of shopping, not to mention Bob Monkhouse’s unique method of sorting out a heckler. And if that seems a little tame, what was it that Angus Deayton was able to teach Caroline Martin that she didn’t already know? Read on and find out!


David Mortimer’s pedigree for searching out the moments when it all went wrong springs in the first instance from a failure to master any position on a rugby pitch, despite trying most of them. This enabled him to recognise a hundred and one ways of throwing a match away, and from this position of authority he has since dispensed lungfuls of good advice from the safety of the touchline.