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Confessions of a Girl with a Wanderlust

too hot to handle – sizzling diaries of desire and discovery

Angelina King



ISBN: 9781909108547

Price: £ 4.99

Publication date: 6 June 2013

Category: Erotica

The Confessions of a Girl trio of erotic novellas will immerse you in a sexy and stimulating world that you can’t wait to explore. Sassy, seductive and firmly embracing every girl’s right to fantasise and experiment with her sexuality, these books reveal what really turns a girl on.

It starts out a day like any other and quickly spirals into a whirlwind of pleasure that she could never have foreseen.

Twenty-two and in her first job after art college, Eleanor is working in window dressing and merchandising for a high-end fashion label. Invited on a business trip to Paris by her older, attractive and charismatic boss starts Eleanor off on a breathtaking tour around the world, sampling the erotic possibilities of Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Tokyo, New York, Rome, Madrid, Milan and London. It’s enough to take any girl’s breath away and certainly kindle a wanderlust…


Angelina King is the author of Confessions of a Girl with a Wanderlust, Confessions of a Girl in the City and Confessions of a Girl in the Country.