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Cooking for the Sensitive Gut

Delicious, soothing, healthy recipes for every day

Dr Joan Ransley

Dr Nick Read

Collins & Brown


ISBN: 9781911624103

Price: £ 12.99

Publication date: 3 January 2019

ISBN: 9781910496336

Price: £ 16.99

Publication date: 14 January 2016

Category: Cookery

About one in five of the population are intolerant to the food that they eat. Most have sensitivities to a range of different foods making preparing food a nightmare and sitting down to a meal can be torture. What can they eat without getting ill or running the risk of nutritional deficiency? What can they cook for their family and friends? Cooking for the Sensitive Gut is the perfect guide to how you can restrict the ingredients that cause you problems and still prepare a whole range of recipes that are simple and fun to cook and delicious to eat.

From fresh and healthy breakfast ideas, to wholesome mains such as Butternut Squash and Coconut Laksa, cooking for the sensitive gut has never been so easy. Straightforward and authoritative advice from a gastroenterologist and nutritionist means it’s never been so easy to learn how to treat your tummy well.


Joan Ransley is a nutrionist, cook, food writer and honorary lecturer in Nutrition at the University of Leeds. She is an active member of the Guild of Food Writers, writes a column on food, nutrition and cookery in the Yorkshire Post.



Dr Nick Read is a gastroenterologist and a psychotherapist. For many years he was Professor of Human Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Physiology at Sheffield University before becoming Professor of Integrated Medicine. He is the Chair and Medical Adviser for The IBS Network, an independent charity that supports, informs and advises people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and facilitates the concept of self care of IBS in the community. He has a longstanding interest in food and cooking.