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Creative Embellishing

Kayte Terry

Collins & Brown


ISBN: 9781843404613

Price: £ 16.99

Publication date: 15 September 2008

Category: Crafts

Lend a new lease of life to well-loved garments and home furnishings with just a few simple embellishment techniques. From beads and cords to ribbon and lace, the book provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for every application and technique. Once you’re comfortable with the process, find an array of fabulous projects for fashion, accessories and the home – most of which can be completed over a weekend.

From an elegant applique dress and a pachwork carryall to yo-yo blouse and flower-adorned cardigan, each project employs a variety of easy techniques to keep the crafter constantly challenged. Each design is accompanied by clear, concise instructions and a full-colour photograph to make the embellishment process a breeze. Whether you care to adorn a simple blouse or jazz up your favourite pair of jeans, Creative Embellishing provides you with all the inspiration you need to transform designs from ordinary to extraordinary.


"From beads to cords, and ribbons to lace, you'll find this book is perfect for applying those extra special details. With this step-by-step guide you can transform your clothing and home furnishings quickly and easily into sparkling masterpieces. The ideas will have you eagerly pulling out old t-shirts, pillow covers, and tea towels to decorate and update."

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