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Digital Image Making

A Complete Visual Guide for Photographers

Les Meehan

Collins & Brown


ISBN: 9781843400066

Price: £ 16.99

Publication date: 21 October 2002

Category: Practical Art

Many experienced photographic printmakers, realizing the enormous wealth of possibilities offered by digital image-making, are changing from producing prints in the darkroom to creating archival, exhibition quality images via digital cameras and scanners, both becoming more affordable by the day. "Digital Image-Making" covers the whole range of electronic image-making, from the simple manipulation of elements on a scanner to complex collages unthinkable ten years ago except to those with sophisticated darkrooms at their disposal and an unlimited amount of time. Detailed case studies are included showing possible pitfalls and how to avoid them. Demonstrates how to change black and white to colour and vice-versa; explores the digital equivalent of darkroom toning, litho printing and image retouching techniques and shows how to experiment with a spectrum of different colours on a subject for graphic effect. All these techniques and many more are now at the digital image-maker’s fingertips with the step-by-step sequences demonstrated in this book.