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Fix Your Garden

How to make small spaces into green oases

Jane Moseley

Jackie Strachan

Illustrated by Claire Rollet



ISBN: 9781910232828

Price: £ 9.99

Publication date: 10 March 2016

Category: Lifestyle & Gardening

Just moved in and don’t know what to do with a messy garden or bleak-looking balcony? Want to stake your claim on a little corner of a shared garden? No gardening experience whatsoever? Fix Your Garden is the perfect solution.

Packed with tips and tricks to get your green fingers going straight away, this beautifully illustrated little book will help you make the most of your outdoor space, even if you’ve only got a tiny windowbox. Aimed at the first-time homeowner or renter with little or no gardening know-how, it contains a wealth of information on how to make your garden grow and your balcony bloom, from early analysis of the soil to find out which plants will do best, to fixing that weed-covered wilderness of a backyard you’ve inherited and starting to grow your own fruit and veg. With tips on garden design and how to conquer common pests and diseases, this is a crash course in getting your outdoor space sorted, and also contains information on houseplants so you can bring a little bit of the outdoors in.

Word count: 15,000


Jane Moseley has a passion for pots and potatoes and for making the most of a small outdoor town space complete with steps and restricted sunlight. Let them plant the seed of a gardening passion and you’ll be reaping the visual and edible rewards within weeks.



Jackie Strachan is a keen and experienced gardener, in both town and country. She currently enjoys growing fruit and vegetables along with flowers and shrubs in her seaside garden.


ABOUT THE Illustrator

Born in France, Claire Rollet has lived in the UK most of her life. London is her home now, and she loves cycling around the city taking in its various cultures and landmarks. She works from a studio at the bottom of her garden. In terms of her process, first of all, Claire works out a composition and some ideas for the image using quick sketches to show to the client. She then creates a line drawing in Indian ink, then works on the colour digitally.