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Walking among trees

Matt Collins

Roo Lewis



ISBN: 9781911595267

Price: £ 25.00

Publication date: 7 February 2019

ISBN: 9781911641179


Price: £ 19.99

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Publication date: 7 February 2019


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Forest is a celebration of the diverse ways in which trees and forests are as magnificent, economically relevant and profoundly enchanting today as they ever have been.

Journeying across the continents, writer Matt Collins and photographer Roo Lewis tie together both the historical context and modern-day applications of some of the world’s most fascinating and iconic trees. They explore the heritage of woodlands from around the world and meet those whose lives are inexplicably bound to them.

The book is divided into 10 main chapters, each of which explores a tree from a particular genus – Pine, Juniper, Oak, Hornbeam, Cherry, Beech, Birch, Chestnut, Douglas-fir and Poplar. Each chapter provides the reader with a short introduction to the tree, followed by a journalistic account of its relevance to modern day-life (from gin making on Isle of Islay to a truffle farm in Spain), and concludes with an account of the tree in its native forest (from hornbeams in the Ironwoods of Ontario to firs on Vancouver Island).

Captured on medium-format film, Roo’s stunning, rich colour images are the perfect companion to Matt’s engaging storytelling and botanical knowledge. Forest crafts a captivating interpretation of the story of the forest through the trees.


Matt Collins is a freelance garden and Nature writer, and Head Gardener at the Garden Museum in London. Beginning his training at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, Matt came to writing through horticulture. His interests lie at the intersection between cultivated and natural environments, and the processes by which they are recorded. Matt documents his written and horticultural work at



Roo Lewis is a fashion and advertising photographer. His clients include VICE, Getty, Topshop, Audi and Sony. Growing up in Dorset he was surrounded by nature and now chooses to base much of his personal work on exploring the subject. When not shooting for clients, Roo can be found in the darkroom of his North London studio printing his latest projects.



'A visual masterpiece... that combines gorgeous photography with trivia and anecdotes that transport you from your couch to the forest floor.'

'Smuggled among the photos are beautiful and substantive essays…an engaging and informative read.'

'This is a book in which you can lose your way in the wilderness and come out more clued up on tree species.'

‘This is a thought-provoking book that will encourage readers to venture deep into a forest…Lewis’ atmospheric, beautifully compose photographs are a delight.’

'Wonderfully engaging writing with atmospheric photography…this warm and engaging and interesting book opens your eyes that bit further on the history, uses and importance of our trees.’