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From Gujarat With Love

100 Authentic Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Vina Patel

Jonathan Lovekin



ISBN: 9781911663867

Price: £ 20.00

Publication date: 26 October 2021

ISBN: 9781911682622

ASIN: 9781911682622

Price: £ 14.99

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Publication date: 26 October 2021

Category: Cookery

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Gujarati cuisine is traditionally boiled, baked, steamed, or stir-fried – creating light and healthy meals that are still packed with flavour. This cookbook explores authentic cuisine from the west coast of India – with recipes adopting the region’s explosive combination of sweet, spicy, and sour flavours. Unlike the heavier curries and deep-fried foods that we often associate with Indian cuisine, From Gujarat With Love offers a new insight on cooking appropriate for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who wants to create meat-free meals. Featuring easy recipes for classic small plates, popular street food, and everything in between — from bite-sized appetisers and filling dals to classic curries, decadent desserts, and refreshing beverages. Vina Patel has made her recipes accessible for home-cooks everywhere, including prep and cook times, and any relevant dietary requirements for each recipe.

Chapter outline: Introduction (includes an intro to Gujarati Cooking, Cooking Techniques, Essential Ingredients and Basic Recipes) Chutneys and other condiments, Salads and Raitas, Appetizers, Dals and Soups, Curries, Breads, Rice and Khichdi, Drinks and Desserts.

Recipes include Spicy Pea Croquettes, Curry Cashew Masala, Smoky Aubergine Curry, Green Chickpea Salad, Spinach Chaat, Thin Layered Roti and Kheer with Cherries.

World-renowned food photographer Jonathan Lovekin photographs the vibrant and colourful dishes, and there are atmospheric photographs of Gujarat throughout. This book transports the reader to the site of these dishes – with compelling stories from Gujarat coupled with delicious plant-based recipes from the region.


Vina Patel was born in Gujarat, where she grew up watching her family and friends cook these dishes. She has since moved to California, and her passion for the food of her childhood has grown.



Jonathan Lovekin is a world-renowned food photographer who is best known for photographing the Ottolenghi and Nigel Slater books.



"A paean to the vegetarian cuisine of the western Indian state. It is the sort of vibrant, joyous cookbook that you will return to again and again.”

Tom Parker Bowles, The Mail on Sunday ‘Cookbooks of 2021'