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Good Housekeeping Step-by-Step Cookbook

Over 650 Easy-To-Follow Techniques

Collins & Brown


ISBN: 9781908449320

Price: £ 30.00

Publication date: 6 September 2012

Series: Good Housekeeping

Category: Cookery

This comprehensive volume is the only guide to cooking you need. Entirely revised and updated, the Good Housekeeping Step-by-Step Cookbook is packed with tips and trouble-shooting advice on all the essential cooking techniques, and is perfect for both the novice and experienced cook.

From poultry, meat, game, fish, shellfish, pasta, noodles and eggs, to pastry, sweet and savoury breads, chocolate, icecreams, sorbets, and preserves, you can tackle any recipe for any occasion. It also features a comprehensive section on equipment and utensils, refrigerator storage times, nutritional advice, tips on health and hygiene and a complete glossary of cooking terms, giving you complete confidence in the kitchen. 

With over 400 delicious triple-tested recipes, and 650 illustrated techniques, the Good Housekeeping Step-by-Step Cookbook is an essential addition to every cook’s library.


Word count: 150,000