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Hammer & Nail

Making and assembling furniture designs inspired by Enzo Mari

Erik Eje Almqvist



ISBN: 9781911663904

Price: £ 18.99

Publication date: 17 March 2022

Category: Lifestyle & Gardening

Inspired by radical Italian designer Enzo Mari, this practical book with step-by-step DIY projects for hand built, beautiful furniture is a tribute to his simple ideas that challenged the consumerism of the furniture industry.

Many interpreted Enzo Mari’s book Autoprogettazione? as a manifesto of nostalgic longing for a pre-capitalist society where people built what they needed themselves, but Mari’s goal wasn’t to make people cease consuming. Mari wanted people to consider the more basic aspects of the objects we surround ourselves with and what it is that makes a piece of furniture, beautiful, comfortable and functional.

Taking Enzo Mari and his book as his influence, Erik Eje Almqvist unpacks the practical aspects of the Autoprogettazione? theory, offering simple designs for handbuilt, beautiful furniture. Using just a hammer, nails and boards cut to standard dimensions, Hammer & Nail explores only a few techniques but arms the reader with skills and inspiration for life. With easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams, there are basic methods for making furniture joints, and includes tips on how to avoid cracking boards as you go, making clean cuts with a saw, and ideas on surface treatments.

Projects include: Sheep chair, Tilting Shaker chair, Pinstol/Windsor chair, Garden chair, Arts & Crafts chair, Ski chair, Mirror stool, Stackable stool, Beer table, Kitchen bench, Park bench, Sofa, Top and tail bed, Dining table, Worktable, Cabinet, Gun Kessle’s shelf and Giraffe lamp.


Erik Eje Almqvist is a freelance journalist. In 2008 he co-founded and is editor-in-chief of Filter Magazine. He has also studied a course in cabinet making at the Technical School of Copenhagen. He has previously published ‘Copenhagen for Foodies‘ at Natur & Kultur.



'this book will allow readers to furnish their homes with design classics that are beautiful, comfortable and functional'

Craft Focus Magazine