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Hot Dog!

The wonderful world of the wiener

Andy Lynes



ISBN: 9781910496626

Price: £9.99

Publication date: 12 November 2015

Category: Cookery

The humble hot dog has become a stellar street-food sensation. Long gone are the days in which a squirt of ketchup or mustard made for a well-dressed dog; today’s hot dog is more likely to be brought alive with kimchi, sauerkraut or satay sauce. Hot Dog! is a mouthwatering celebration of the hot dog and its illustrious history, from its Germanic roots through to its arrival in America where it was quickly adopted as the ball-park convenience food of choice.

Explore exciting recipes for gourmet dogs, from Currywurst to Spanish Dogs (with grilled chorizo), as well as the ultimate classic recipes. You can also order up delicious buns, sides and sauces – from Brioche to Pretzel Buns, Potato Salad to Chilli-cheese Fries, and Sweet Pickle Relish to homemade Ketchup. All of your quick-fire questions will be answered: Where did that name come from? What exactly is a corn dog? Is it ever OK to use a knife and fork? (No.)

Loaded with irresistible recipes and fascinating nuggets of wiener trivia, from Barack Obama’s perfect hot dog to why the hot dog was one of the first foods enjoyed in space, this is the ultimate resource for every hot dog aficionado.


Andy Lynes edited the Metro newspaper’s Good Taste food and drink pages. He also writes for the Independent on Sunday, The Times, Sainsbury’s Magazine and Waitrose Food Illustrated, and has been nominated for the Glenfiddich Award. He lives in Brighton.