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How to Use a Sewing Machine

A Beginner's Manual

Marie Clayton



ISBN: 9781910231098

Price: £12.99

Publication date: 28 August 2014

ISBN: 9781910231678

ASIN: B010B4S9O8

Price: £ 8.99

  Our price: £

Publication date: 25 June 2015

Series: How To

Category: Sewing & Dressmaking

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Sewing is the perfect hobby – it is relaxing, creative and extremely useful! But sewing machines can seem complicated. This book has everything you need to know to choose, use and look after your sewing machine with confidence.

The first chapters will help you choose a machine, explaining which features to look out for. Once you’ve got your machine home, the step-by-step instructions will help you get to grips with everything. Learn how to set up your machine and its basic functions including: winding a bobbin, threading up and adjusting tension and stitch size.

With plenty of information on basic dressmaking techniques, you will soon be tackling seams and hems, zips and buttonholes, gathers and pleats, binding and trimming. Feeling creative? Try out some decorative techniques – with machine embroidery, appliqué, patchwork and quilting. And if you get stuck, there is an invaluable trouble shooting section along with a jargon busting glossary.

So whether you want to use your sewing machine to carry out simple repairs, customize and alter your vintage finds, create a whole new wardrobe from scratch, or make a stylish curtains and cushions for your home, be sure to have this manual by your side at all times!


Marie Clayton is a professional writer, who has worked on a variety of sewing and needlecraft books including Ultimate Sewing Bible (9781843404118) and Make Your Own Clothes (9781843403890). She currently lives in London.