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How To Win Your Pub Quiz

Your only guide to ultimate victory

Les Palmer



ISBN: 9781907554933

Price: £ 9.99

Publication date: 6 June 2013

Category: Popular Culture

Do YOU dream of one day winning your local pub quiz?

Wouldn’t it be great to wipe that smug smile off the face of the weekly winners?  

How To Win Your Pub Quiz is a glorious celebration of a great British institution – the pub quiz – and your 100% guarantee* of ultimate quizzing victory.

Written by a self-confessed quizaholic, this funny guide to pub quizzing expertly describes how to turn your crap team into a winning machine! By supplying you with everything you need to know to tackle those tricky questions and rounds, as well as loads of other super hints, tips and trivia, this unique companion will have you completely destroying the competition in no time.

 So, put your thinking caps on people – let’s get quizzical!

*Not an actual guarantee. 

25, 000 words


Les has 15 years’ experience of participating in pub quizzes, and of writing and running his own quizzes.  Perhaps the quizzing highlight of Les’s life was when he represented Ipswich’s John Bull pub on TV’s Eggheads in 2009.  Although gutted that his team ultimately met with (heroic) failure, Les had the personal satisfaction of defeating Judith Keppel, first ever £1 million winner on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, in their individual contest on the subject of music (though this triumph was somewhat tempered by Judith’s own admission that she is rubbish at pop and rock).