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Join the Greener Revolution

30 easy ways to live and eat sustainably

Ollie Hunter



ISBN: 9781911641780

Price: £ 14.99

Publication date: 4 February 2021

ISBN: 9781911663911

ASIN: 9781911663911

Price: £ 9.99

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Publication date: 4 February 2021


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Following the groundbreaking 30 Easy Ways to Join the Food Revolution, Ollie Hunter is back with his second book – and this time he’s tackling everyday sustainability.

Returning to the three main principles introduced in his first book: Zero WasteOrganic and 50% Produce within 30 miles, Ollie illustrates how we can endeavour to use natural resources sustainably. All chapters are punctuated with Ollie’s trademark recipes from Tomato Leaf Focaccia to Dandelion and Courgette Pakoras and Chickpea Scotch Eggs with Aquafaba Aioli.

Join the Greener Revolution is split into three main sections:
Home – How do we make our homes more green? From kitchen to bathroom and into the bedroom, this book looks at ways we can transform our houses into easy-to-run, energy-efficient homes. It’s time to quit cling film, make our own shampoo, consider where are clothes come from.
Community – This section outlines ideas we can bring to our daily lives, from taking a break (and avoiding palm oil chocolate bars) and getting to know our neighbours, to collaborating with our community, and linking local businesses together to cut down on waste.
World – Who takes the blame and does it really matter? The way to a more joyful life is through forgiveness, positive visualisation and meditation. Ollie balances these steps with a more environmentally conscious system of economics and a move away from individuality and ‘non-responsibility’ so we can create a more sustainable, ecological and mindful world.

Join the Greener Revolution is a manifesto calling us to come together, to take responsibility and strive to rebuild our relationships with our local communities, our individual connection to the world, and rediscover the joy in living and eating green.


Ollie Hunter was a MasterChef semi-finalist in 2013 and since then he and his wife, Lauren, have taken over The Wheatsheaf pub in Chilton Foliat. Working in collaboration with his parents’ nearby farm, it has been voted the UK’s most sustainable pub (Sustainable Restaurant Association), as well as the best organic, local and seasonal pub (Sawday’s). Ollie has written for the Sustainable Restaurant Association in the Telegraph and the Guardian.

Ollie is now continuing his mission and creating a movement called 30 Food. Picking up the baton for generations to come, 30 Food will offer new ways of cooking, meaning everyone can afford organic food, aim to have zero food waste, and celebrate their local area by eating 50% within thirty miles.