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Just Like Mum Used to Make: Soups

National Trust


ISBN: 9781907892936

Price: £18.99

Publication date: 9 January 2014

Series: National Trust Food

Category: Cookery

There are few recipes more satisfying than soup.  It can be rich and warming on a cold winter’s day or chilled and refreshing to cool you down in the heat of summer. And as any busy Mum knows, when you are pushed for time, it’s the ultimate quick-fix lunch or supper. Having friends round? Soup is a perfect starter. Easy to make and dress up – serve with croutons then simply finish with a sprinkling of finely chopped herbs and a swirl of cream. 

Soup is a great moneysaver, too. How better to make the most of those odds and ends and leftover vegetables than to throw them into the pan with hot stock with lentils or canned beans and simmer until tender. Leave the soup chunky for a hearty feast or puree until smooth in a blender if you prefer. In addition there is a useful basics chapter showing step-by-step how to make stock, prepare vegetables, adding flavourings and spices and making the most of  beans and lentils. Everything you need to know to make delicious and successful soups just like mum used to make.