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Siân Evans

National Trust


ISBN: 9781843594369

Price: £5.99

Publication date: 5 May 2014

Category: Regional History

Covering 7,000 acres, Killerton is a substantial agricultural estate combining productive farmland and sizeable areas of woodland, as well as the two villages of Broadclyst and Budlake. At the heart of the estate is a fine 18th-century house, surrounded by a glorious landscape garden and parkland. The house is not a grand mansion but the welcoming home of the Aclands, who have lived in Devon since the 16th century. Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, who built the Georgian House, commissioned a young John Veitch to lay out the grounds. Veitch went on to become one of the greatest nurserymen and landscape designers of his day his impact can be felt through the garden at Killerton. Today Killerton still feels like a home and for many people it is an important part of their life. Dog walkers and runners visit at least weekly, others enjoy seeing the garden change throughout the seasons and many love the relaxed lived-in feel of the house as well as its superb dress collection.