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Kathryn Ferry

National Trust


ISBN: 9781843593843

Price: £6.99

Publication date: 1 October 2013

Category: Regional History

Written by popular architectural historian Kathryn Ferry, Lacock (Wiltshire) unravels the long and complex history of a medieval abbey turned country home; focuses on one of the most revolutionary inventions of the last 200 years; and guides you through the streets of a village now well-known to millions of TV viewers and movie goers. There are few places with as much history and as many stories to tell. Featuring contemporary as well as some of the earliest-known photography, this 64-page souvenir guide is an engaging introduction to Lacock and the people who lived here. Floor plans help guide you through the complex of rooms, while the colourful birds-eye view shows abbey, museum and village and where to find any number of hostelries for refreshment.