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Mr Straw’s House

Andrew Barber

National Trust


ISBN: 9781911384649

Price: £3.99

Publication date: 22 June 2018

Category: Regional History

Mr Straw’s House is a mid-twentieth century time capsule with an eclectic mix of treasures for visitors. An unassuming semi-detached brick house in the Nottinghamshire town of Worksop, it was bought and modishly decorated in the 1920s by a successful grocer and his wife, William and Florence Straw. Their two sons never married, and lived together companionably in the house for more than three decades after their parents died, never changing anything unless absolutely necessary. The brothers also resisted modern technology Mr Straw’s House has never been connected to a telephone, radio or television. The unchanging nature of the house and its contents mean they have now come to assume an unparalleled importance, offering a precious snapshot of Midlands domestic life before the technological revolution. A new guidebook explores the story of the Straw family and the wider social history of a successful commercial family in mid-twentieth century Worksop. Using fresh contemporary photography and historic sources from the Straw familys collection, this is a souvenir of both the house and its fascinating inhabitants.