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National Trust Farmhouse Cookbook

Laura Mason

National Trust


ISBN: 9781905400812

Price: £ 25.00

Publication date: 19 October 2009

Series: National Trust Food

Category: Cookery

A celebration of the farmhouse foods of Britain and a collection of the best farmhouse recipes that have at their heart local ingredients. The South West has a wonderful tradition of cooking with pastry and clotted cream, the South East has puddings in suet crusts, and the Lake District often uses brown sugar and spices derived from the West India trade.

Every region of Britain has a selection of recipes that bring out the best of the local ingredients, traditional cooking techniques and are much loved by locals and visitors. Sally Lunn Bread and Strawberry Cider from the West Country; Curd Tart and Yorkshire Pudding from God’s Own Country; and Partridge Pudding and Kentish Huffkins from the Garden of England.

These wonderful recipes – from salads, soups, stews and roasts to cakes, buns and bread – celebrate British food and specific local foods. But more than that, the book offers a range of recipes that can delight palates all over the United Kingdom.


Laura Mason was raised on a farm in Upper Wharfedale, Yorkshire. She was and remains a highly respected food historian and writer. Her legacy of books include The National Trust Farmhouse Cookbook, The National Trust Complete Country Cookbook, Roasts, The National Trust Book of Crumbles and The National Trust Book of Afternoon Tea.