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Natural Skincare For All Seasons

A modern guide to growing & making plant-based products

Silvana de Soissons



ISBN: 9781911663812

Price: £ 20.00

Publication date: 5 May 2022

Category: Lifestyle

A modern, practical guide on how to grow and make your own skincare products, no matter how big your garden.

This handbook enables you to switch from toxic to nourishing skincare products that are better for you and the environment. Harness the therapeutic power of plants and natural ingredients to look after your skin – the body’s largest organ – simply, gently and effectively.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Skin – understanding what the skin is and how we take care of it; Chapter 2: Plotting My Skincare Garden: What to grow and how to arrange it; Chapter 3: Choosing Skincare Plants: The top 22 skincare plants to grow and forage for and their beneficial properties; Chapter 4: The natural skincare garden through the seasons: What to do to maintain your garden through the year and how to harvest and store your plants; Chapter 5: Basic formulations and 30 skincare recipes, including skincare teas cleanses, oils, creams and more; Sustainability – how to make a Natural Cleaning Spray and Botanical Household Soap.

Silvana takes you on a holistic journey, guiding you through planting the seed in the soil to growing harvesting, storing, creating and bottling your home-made herbal skincare.


Silvana de Soissons is the founder of Farm Soap Co. – a manufacturing business based in Dorset that makes botanical soaps and natural skincare products in small batches. She grows many of the herbs and flowers that make up the botanical formulations, to ensure organic, local sourcing and sustainability.

Silvana has written for a number of magazines and has worked for many years in food and lifestyle retailing, latterly setting up the shops and toiletries range at The Newt In Somerset, as well as owning her own businesses – The Foodie Bugle in Bath, whose blog won The Guild Of Food Writers New Media Award (2012), and Farm Soap Co.