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Odd Science – Brilliant Bodies

James Olstein

Pavilion Children's


ISBN: 9781843654216

Price: £ 9.99

Publication date: 22 August 2019

Category: Non-Fiction

A full head of human hair is strong enough to support up to 12 tons in weight.

Microglia are brain cells that trim/eat long synapses of material that no longer functions throughout the brain. Scientists have used the video game Pac-Man to explain this process.

Odd Science: Brilliant Bodies is filled with weird and wacky facts that you’ve never heard before. Read about how ice cream gives you brain freeze, wonder at how much information your brain can process and tell your friends that a whole tonne of air is always pressing down on you.

There are facts about breathing underwater, facts about pineapple ‘eating’ you (while you eat it) and facts about how music makes you feel good.

James Olstein beautifully illustrates these odd facts in a retro-inspired, quirky style. His designs aren’t meant to be taken literally, but you’ll laugh-out-load when you see a fish swimming in a brain and an elephant on someone’s head!

Prepare to laugh, marvel and learn.


James Olstein is an illustrator living in Philadelphia. He has illustrated for the BBC, Bob’s Burgers, Monocle Magazine, Mental Floss, Scientific America, Sierra Magazine, economia, the Boston Globe and the National Constitution Centre. He has displayed his work at Spoke Gallery NYC, Galleries 1988 and Philadelphia Independents.

He runs a successful blog called Illustrated Science, that has been featured in The Verge and Geekadelphia.



'The illustration style is really unique and makes learning about the body fun ... perfect if you are planning to homeschool. A really fun introduction to the science of our bodies.'

'Fantastic series … Full of fascinating facts accompanied by the now trademark gorgeous design and illustration... presents science in a fun and easy to digest format'

'Between the trivia and the fantastic illustrations, this is the kind of book which hooks the reader and keeps them flicking… A great addition to a series which makes scientific facts fun'

'Bite sized fun facts to amaze and amuse!'

'Fact filled and awesome'

'Another amazing picture book, full of facts, wonders and some of the most in incredible aspects of science, as part of his exciting Odd Science series’