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Sailing’s Strangest Tales

Extraordinary but true stories from over nine hundred years of sailing

John Harding



ISBN: 9781911042259

Price: £ 7.99

Publication date: 11 August 2016

Category: Sports

This fascinating collection of entertaining stories from the seven seas reveals unusual and bizarre sailing trips, vessels and characters, and recounts perilous journeys in freak weather and other legendary tales.

Within these pages you’ll find stories of pirates holding ships to ransom and the gruesome fates of some of the shipmates who dared cross them. The sailors forever lost in the Bermuda triangle, the poor family who were encircled by a school of sharks to the spooky tales of the lighthouse haunted by drunkard lightship keeper John Herman. The tales within these pages are bizarre, fascinating, hilarious and, most importantly, true.

Revised, redesigned and updated for 2016, this book is the perfect gift for both keen sailors to the armchair Captains.

Word count: 45,000