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Sensational Sex

The Revolutionary Guide To Sexual Pleasure & Fulfilment

Pam Spurr



ISBN: 9781861059710

Price: £7.99

Publication date: 28 October 2006

Category: Erotica

Sensational Sex is the follow up title to Dr Pam Spurr’s Number One best-selling book, Sinful Sex. The book offers a new way of looking at sexual pleasure and fulfilment and how it fits into a person’s whole life and modern lifestyle. Dr Pam believes there are many myths that need to be explored around sex and sexual behaviour and throughout this book, these myths become unravalled.

As one of Britain’s leading sex psychologist, Dr Pam Spurr is reknowned for her advice and the psychology behind issues surrounding societies dealing with sex. Dr Pam covers the following areas in depth: How to become a sensational lover?, seduction techniques, sex talk, foreplay techniques, oral sex tricks, fantasy, positions, toys and sex games.


Dr. Pam Spurr is well known in the media as a psychologist with strong views about many topics. As well as hosting her own, Sony award-winning radio programme, ‘Dr. Pam’s Heart to Heart’, she has contributed as a guest/expert to hundreds of television and radio programmes over the last ten years. Dr. Pam also has a column in Sunday Magazine, News of the World.