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Show Me How

500 Things You Should Know

Lauren Smith

Derek Fagerstrom

The Show Me Team

Collins & Brown


ISBN: 9781843405207

Price: £16.99

Publication date: 2 March 2009

Category: Games

‘Show Me How’ is the ultimate How To compendium brimming with hundreds of eclectic, electric, unexpected and surprisingly handy things you really should know how to do. From learning how to create water in the desert and mount a camel to nailing a handstand fingerflip and interpreting a tea-leaf reading, become an authority on a vast array of skills from the useful to the unusual.

With sections including arts and crafts, cookery, entertaining, grooming, survival, sports, gardening and the home, rainy afternoons will never be the same again. Build an erupting volcano, speed-peel a hard boiled egg or apply traditional geisha make up and surprise your friends with your amazing new skills.

Each technique is accompanied by colourful and informative step-by-step illustrations to ensure that you grasp every method, as well as handy hints and interesting facts. This vibrant, fun-filled all-in-one resource will set you up for the big wide world, guaranteeing to show you how to do everything you ever wanted to know. (2000 words)


Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom are San Francisco-based editors, writers, designers, shop owners and lovers of the unusual, the eclectic and, especially, the hand-crafted.



Derek Fagerstrom is a San Francisco-based editor, writer, designer, shop owner and lover of the unusual, the eclectic and, especially, the hand-crafted. Derek has led the production and editorial departments at a variety of magazines including Esquire and Interview.