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Skin Shows

The Tattoo Bible

Chris Wroblewski

Collins & Brown


ISBN: 9781843401674

Price: £14.99

Publication date: 26 August 2004

Category: Popular Culture

‘Skin Shows: The Tattoo Bible’ is a rich and provocative pictorial survey of an ancient art form that, until recently, remained hidden in our society’s cultural underground. Tracing a global journey through the history and culture of tattoo art, Chris Wroblewski’s new book is a stunning visual document. Above all, it is a book about people and personalitieshere, skinheads, circus freaks, Buddhist monks, tattoo fetishists, and slightly more ordinary individuals all reveal their obsessions with and dedication to the ritual of ink and pain. Chris Wroblewski is considered to be the foremost photographer of tattoo art. He is the author of more than 15 books on the subject, including Pigments of Imagination.


Chris Wroblewski is considered to be the world’s foremost photographer of tattoo art.  Skin Shows: The Tattoo Bible sold 12,496 copies (BIDS). Chris Wroblewski began documenting tattoos in 1976 and  20 years later he has had over 15 books on tattoos published. Chris Wroblewski is based in London and will be available for all publicity requirements. Chris once appeared on the ‘David Letterman Show’ while touring the States promoting ‘Pigments of Imagination’.