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Staying Sane

99 Ways to Stop Yourself Going Mad When You Become a Mother

Kathy Miller



ISBN: 9781906032012

Price: £ 6.99

Publication date: 1 July 2007

Category: Lifestyle & Gardening

Described as ‘the indispensable survival guide for every woman who has put her career on hold to have a baby’, ‘Staying Sane’ is an acutely observed and brilliantly funny book for women who excelled in life BC (Before Child) and are struggling AD (After Delivery). Sleep-deprived and with a baby in tow, suddenly going to the supermarket feels like a polar expedition and following a recipe is as easy as studying for PhD in applied physics. And precisely when a new mother is brain-dead and can barely understand the instructions on a microwave meal, they get presented with books the size of telephone directories on parenting.

‘Staying Sane’ is the welcome antidote to such manuals. Warm, witty and wise, it does not lecture you on how to be the perfect mother. Instead, it is meant to provide at-a-glace nuggets of wisdom and humour to help through the darkest days of mental dementia. It will even help con their husbands into thinking he’s getting a decent meal every night.


Born in London in 1962. Kathy grew up in Herts, and was educated at Watford Grammar School for Girls and Durham University, where she read modern languages.



''Staying Sane' is the perfect present for a new mother - even if she has to buy it herself!'

Sophie King, author of The School Run

'Absolutely brilliant .... witty, funny and entertaining, it is full of great advice for new and experienced mothers alike.' 

Santa Montefiore, author of Sea of Lost Love