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The Adventures of Moose & Mr Brown

Sir Paul Smith

Illustrated by Sam Usher

Pavilion Children's


ISBN: 9781843654285

Price: £

Publication date: 24 October 2019

Category: Fiction

This is the iconic international fashion designer Sir Paul Smith’s very first children’s picture book – and the first book in a new and exciting series. Written by Sir Paul and illustrated by the brilliant Sam Usher it is a stunning, beautiful, laugh-out-loud story of animals, travel, design and finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

Inspired by toys that Paul has owned for many years, the main characters are curious, charming and characterful.

Mr Brown is an international fashion designer, who meets Moose on a plane travelling to London. Moose is distraught as he has lost his twin brother Monty – who got on the wrong plane! Mr Brown agrees to help Moose track Monty down, and in return, Moose helps bring even more inspiration to Mr Brown’s business.

They travel around the world, helping other animals with their designs (slippers for sloths, parkas for penguins, scarves for giraffes, and more) while looking for Monty. Will Mr Brown and Moose find Monty before Mr Brown’s big catwalk show?

ABOUT THE Illustrator

Sam Usher has been shortlisted for the Waterstones Prize and the Red House Children’s Book Award and longlisted for the Kate Greenaway medal. He is particularly admired for his technical drawing skill and prowess with watercolour. 



'A lovely tale ... It’s a full of fun and heart warming story, brought to life with lively, detailed illustrations capturing all the ideas and inspiration throughout. A great story to read aloud and share.'

'This gorgeously designed picture book is truly a feast for the eyes … This fun story full of imagination and inspiration is packed full of images for both little and big eyes to devour … It offers a little peek into the real world of design that is sure to mesmerise readers … A mashup of colours, kindness and comradery all wrapped up in the unmistakable style of Paul Smith.'

'The main characters are curious, charming and characterful.'

'This stunningly presented hardback book would make a perfect addition to any child’s book shelf. The gorgeous pictures are bright and colourful, and cannot fail to engage even the most reluctant of book lovers...'

'The disco-dancing tailor does children’s books too? I’m in.'

‘An engaging story and very strong on the fun and satisfaction that comes from designing things and from creative partnerships. Sam Usher paints some wonderful scenes, including a witty reimagining of Hopper’s Nighthawks.