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The Blue Giant

Katie Cottle

Pavilion Children's


ISBN: 9781843654513

Price: £ 6.99

Publication date: 6 August 2020

ISBN: 9781843654865

ASIN: 9781843654865

Price: £ 4.99

  Our price: £

Publication date: 7 August 2020

Category: Picture Books

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An entertaining and beautiful eco-tale from the winner of the Batsford Prize

Meera and her mum are enjoying a break at the seaside. Until…

…a creature emerges from the waves. It’s a giant. A blue giant. It has a stirring plea to help clean up the ocean and save the sea creatures from the menace of plastic waste.

Meera and her mum agree to help. But they can’t do it alone… can they?

A poignant and timely picture book that introduces children to the issues of pollution, waste management and the oceans, with suggestions of lifestyle changes to help the world become a better, cleaner place.


Katie is an illustrator and print-maker living and working in Bristol, UK. Her work is often informed by the marks and colours created through traditional lithography. She also works digitally, using an iPad, and occasionally paints with gouache.

Katie won the Batsford Prize for Children’s Book Illustration. She has also received the ‘Highly Commended’ accolade at the Macmillan Prize for Illustration on numerous occasions. She received a ‘One to Watch’ award at D&AD New Blood in 2017. 



'Katie’s powerful images convey the plastic pollution problem in a manner that young children will easily relate to, particularly those of the sea creatures caught up in the debris ... a great way to galvanise youngsters into action.'

'Delivers a powerful and timely message ... With its rich, painterly seaside and deep-sea scenes, this is very beautiful, and very memorable.'

'A simple but inspiring book'

'Katie’s illustrations are stunning, the story is lovely, the message is aimed at child readers not adults and the suggestions at the back of the book for how we can all play our part are brilliant and achievable.'

'What a gorgeous follow-up to The Green Giant! Katie Cottle has created such a meaningful book about the plastic pollution affecting our oceans ... Her illustrative style is one I’m a huge fan of - the blue hues and underwater tones in this story are beautiful ... a short but highly effective introduction to marine conservation.'

'This beautiful story gently introduces children to the compelling issue of rubbish in our seas ... perfect for using in school ... A delightful story full of lovely illustrations.'

'A very timely, beautifully told story, with a simple narrative highlighting a very important message – the seas need our help.'

'Poignant and timely ... An empathetically written story, introducing children to pollution and waste management in an accessible format, supported by rich illustrations.'

'The illustrations are pretty and the stories are fab… It really got my little ones thinking about litter and the impact it has on the environment and the animals surrounding.'

'I love the message of this book. That anything can be fixed.'

'The perfect book to teach kids about the ocean and our eco responsibility. It explains not only the issues but also empowers children to be able to do something about it.'

'What a beautiful book! Katie’s illustrations are stunning and really help to portray the story ... There is a poignant message through the book which is easily accessed by the reader ... will be a book they read again and again.'

'This poignant and timely picture book gently introduces young children to the issues of pollution, waste and how it affects our oceans. A lovely way to encourage all of us to take care of our planet!'

'Heart-breaking yet optimistic, Katie Cottle’s narrative brings a positive message and reinforces the fact that together we can effect change.'

Absolutely Education

'The Blue Giant demonstrates how even one person can make a difference… This would be useful addition to a school or class library and a great introduction to environmental issues to KS1.'

The School Librarian

'We love the silliness and the tone of this one ... A great addition to our Halloween book collection or fun to read year round, it’s told in fun rhyme, and the illustrations are brilliant, making great use of the whole page with bright pops of colour.'

Little Reader Loves

'A marvellous picture book with the timely message'


'Powerfully effective ... beautifully illustrated'


'I have read quite a few environment picture books, however this one seems to hit a bit different. The illustrations are also stunning!'

Rosie's Library

'Stunning books that remind me of the sea'

The Fairy Tale Mum

'Amazing and enriching!'

Little Sensory Play

'Spectacular ... such an important topic explored in a beautiful and gentle way'

Story Baskets for Noah

'A visually engrossing book where the ocean itself pleads for help to undo the damage humans have done. Lots of simple ways to make a difference, and all presented in a simple child-friendly way. Fab little book to nurture ecologically-minded young citizens of the planet'

James Haddell

'[A] superb story which follows Meera and her mum on a journey to the beach to learn all about the waste in our oceans. It is beautifully illustrated and teaches young children how collectively all our small actions do make a difference. As a regular #beachcleaner I really love this story and so do my children'

Stories for Little Ones

'Stunning ... Wow these books are powerful. The theme of caring for our planet rings so loudly throughout both books and they gently encourage children - and grown ups - to think about their impact on the world and what they can do to help. The lush greens and deep ocean blues which Katie uses in her illustrations make us realise what we have too, how could we possibly let that go?'

Teeny Readers

'Another brilliant, fascinating environmental book from Katie Cottle… a great introduction for small children to the idea of eco-responsibility and the ocean. Beautiful book, sure to make little ones think!'

Literate Littles