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The Dictionary of Bullshit

Nick Webb


ISBN: 9781905798087

Price: £7.99

Publication date: 28 June 2007

Category: Humour

Without language, we cannot think. Most of us wouldn’t have a problem with that because these days nobody has a problem. We have issues, possibly opportunities. If we are unlucky, we may face challenges. Business, politics, self-help, marketing, the media, statistics, science and local government are all rich sources of bullshit that author Nick Webb has scrupulously mined for this indispensable guide to navigating this all pervasive and tricksy linguistic phenomenon. Much bullshit is merely absurd or fun. An apartment advertised as a studio flat is so cramped that nobody has sex in it without putting a limb out of the window. But there is also capital ‘B’, weapons-grade Bullshit that sneaks into our minds like heavy metal pollution. Moral content and personal responsibility have drained out of such Bullshit – just one of the reasons why it is so appealing to shifty politicians and senior executives in expensive suits. Serious and funny, angry and shamelessly opinionated, "The Dictionary of Bullshit" cuts to the chase of corporate speak.