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The Golfer’s Pocket Companion

Chris Martin



ISBN: 9781862058231

Price: £ 6.99

Publication date: 1 September 2008

Series: Pocket Companions

Category: Sports

Bogeys and shanking, plus fours and six irons, the alleged etiquette of caddies – all you need to know about the heaven and hell of golf is in this unique book. From the serious (the origins of golf) to the bizarre (moon golf), the informative (the perfect tee-height) to the ridiculous (snow golf), ‘The Golfer’s Pocket Companion’ takes the reader down a fairway of notes, quotes, facts and stats. The market for this book is global and growing. Internationally golf is one of the most popular sports today – with more and more magazines on the subject appearing on the market, many aimed at the young or ‘punk’ golfer, some are even calling the sport the new rock and roll. In the 1950s golf was generally a sport enjoyed by the privileged minority in one or two countries, but today it is played by all classes from China to the U.S.