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The Great Interior Design Challenge Sourcebook

Practical advice from series 1&2 for your tailor-made home

Tom Dyckhoff

Sophie Robinson

Daniel Hopwood



ISBN: 9781909815865

Price: £20.00

Publication date: 6 November 2014

Category: Design

The way you design your home says just as much about you as the clothes you wear. This great new book is packed with practical advice on how to achieve the look you want, for a budget you can afford.

Before you begin any kind of home-decorating project you need to make sure your canvas is in good order. We include a handy checklist of common problems to look out for and how to fix them – including cracks in walls, creaking stairs, damp patches, draughts, leaking roofs or blocked chimneys.

Doing it yourself is fun and economical, so we include step-by-step instructions on how to achieve a variety of home improvements. Of course it is not always possible (or safe) to do everything yourself – sometimes the decision needs to be made: DIY or GSI (get someone in!)? Getting the builders in can be stressful, but we include plenty of advice on finding the best workmen for the job, and how best to brief them and keep to budget.

Planning makes perfect – so we have plenty of useful information on making a moodboard, designing a room layout, choosing and using colour and pattern, deciding on wall finishes and treatments and making the most of your space.

Your home should be perfectly suited to your lifestyle, so whether you are looking for a cool, calm oasis, a stylish minimalist haven for entertaining or a useful family space, this book is packed full of ideas and inspiration so that you can really make your house a home to be proud of.


Tom Dyckhoff has written widely for publications from The Sunday Telegraph to GQ. He’s the architecture and design critic of The Times newspaper and has written the weekly ‘Let’s Move To…’ column for the Guardian Weekend magazine for more than a decade.



Sophie Robinson has been in the interior design business for over 15 years, earning the reputation as one of the industry’s top interior stylists. Since setting up her own business she has continued to write for a number of interiors magazines such as House Beautiful, LivingEtc and Ideal Home.



After training and working as an architect, Daniel Hopwood set up his own interior design company in 1993. Outside his office work he is Director of Continuing Professional Development at the British Institute of Interior Design as well as its Vice President.