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The Monster Machine

Nicola L Robinson

Pavilion Children's


ISBN: 9781843652007

Price: £5.99

Publication date: 16 May 2012

Category: Picture Books

  • Shortlisted for the Cambridgeshire Picture Book Award 2013!
  • Great fun with hilarious monsters and a message about working together
  • Vibrantly illustrated with masses to look out for on every page by the illustrator of Jasper Fforde’s The Last Dragonslayer
  • Wonderful text to read aloud

When a boy and his Dad build an amazing monster-making machine, all sorts of monsters come tumbling out – big ones, small ones, funny ones and even ever-so-slightly scary ones. The monsters love to have fun and spend the days playing until they discover that other monsters live in an amazing land far away. Once again it is time to make an amazing machine, this time a flying one to take them to the land of the monsters.

Approximately 400 words/Age range: 3-6 years.


Nicola has always drawn, usually things with teeth and claws and scales. Dragons and crocodiles have always been a favourite subject. Her covers include Japer Fforde’s The Last Dragonslayer and How to Make a Golem (and Terrify people) by Allette J Willis. She also illustrated The Cat with Iron Claws (author Catherine Fisher, published by Pont Books). Nicola holds a degree in Fine Art and has worked as a freelance illustrator and designer since graduating. Nicola’s other work has included concept art for animation. She currently lives in Nottingham with her partner Gareth and her collection of Bonsai Trees.