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The Nature Lover’s Bucket List

Britain's Unmissable Wildlife

Richard Madden

National Trust


ISBN: 9781911657392

Price: £12.99

Publication date: 18 March 2022


This book shows you 60 of Britain’s unmissable, world-class wonders of nature and tells you where you can find them. From starling murmurations in Somerset to otters in Shetland, from glowworms in Dorset to golden eagles in the Cairngorms. Along the way you’ll also discover natural wonders that are right under your nose in your garden or even in the centre of a town – like hearing the dawn chorus and glimpsing a charm of goldfinches. A sequel to the very successful Great British Bucket List. 


Richard Madden has been a travel writer specialising

in ‘Adventure Travel’ for more than 25 years, ten years

of which as Adventure Travel Editor of The Telegraph.

He has visited all seven continents and crossed the

Andes on horseback, crewed a Whitbread Round the

World boat, cycled across America and skydived with

the Red Devils. Now his next challenge is to find

everything that is great about Britain and make the

ultimate must-do list.