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The Unofficial Jeremy Corbyn Annual 2018

Adam G Goodwin

Dicken Goodwin

Jonathan Parkyn



ISBN: 9781911042969

Price: £9.99

Publication date: 2 November 2017

Category: Humour

The first and only 100% unofficial annual featuring everyone’s favourite socialist dreamboat Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn’s post-election reboot has taken the general public by storm, sending his approval ratings toppermost of the poppermost. Unlike all other politicians Jezza seems to have the ability to appear genuinely saddened and emotional in the wake of terror and tragedy, and can even make conversation with ‘normal’ people. And with his artisanal beard and post-grunge fashion stylings he has become a huge hit with the ‘millennials’ (the term middle-aged people use for young people). Crucified by the media, left for dead by the pollsters, this truly is JC’s second coming.

The Unofficial Jeremy Corbyn Annual 2018 features:

– Pull-out poster pictures of dreamy Jezza. With cap. Without cap. On a bike. In debate.
– Photo stories: re-live the drama as we re-tell the story of how New Labour stalwarts try to oust the idealistic Jeremy.
– Pin The Beard on the Jeremy: fun for all the family.
– Corbyn’s Kindfulness Corner: Be like Jeremy every day. 

Plus word searches, quizzes, mazes, song lyrics and so much more