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The Whole Cow

Recipes and lore for beef and veal

Christopher Trotter



ISBN: 9781862059894

Price: £ 25.00

Publication date: 12 September 2013

Category: Cookery

A highly acclaimed companion volume to THE WHOLE HOG, this book is much more than just a cookbook. It is a unique blend of historical, geographical and culinary interest, together with clear explanations of how to cook the different cuts of beef and veal and over 100 delicious recipes from chef Christopher Trotter.

It is a celebration of the cow and all its variants. The book not only gives us every which way to cook with beef and veal, but also gives the history and importance of great and rare breeds, butcher’s recommended cuts and true head-to-tail eating. It includes the latest on ethical veal which has attracted huge press coverage over the past year or so. Ethical veal has returned in force for consumers, its welfare-friendly credentials writ large across the blackboard. This is a must-buy for any meat enthusiast.  


Christopher Trotter is a freelance chef and food writer, restaurant inspector and food consultant and life-long lover of all good things to eat. He is a member of the Guild of Food Writers with an interest in Scottish and regional food, as well as seasonal and organic cooking. He has authored several books including the whole hog and the whole cow for Pavilion, as well as The National Trust for Scotland’s The Scottish Kitchen. Christopher lives in Upper Largo in Fife.