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Westwood Manor

with Emily Azis Jonathan Azis

National Trust


ISBN: 9781843594413

Price: £3.99

Publication date: 21 April 2014

Category: Regional History

Westwood Manor is not very big. But the impression it leaves is great. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a National Trust property? In this guidebook, Westwood Manors tenants give an exclusive insight into life here, regaling tales of living in an old building, serving villagers homemade cider and the perils of raising children around decorative garden pools. They also trace the evolution of this late medieval, Jacobean and Gothic manor from ancient landholding to 21st-century family home, showing how their predecessors adapted this building to suit their changing needs and tastes, each leaving a permanent mark. Perhaps the most spectacular of these transformations was the impressive 20th-century restoration undertaken by former diplomat, Edgar Graham Lister. This guidebook describes the lengths he went to and objects he collected including the important spinet and 16th-century virginal to turn Westwood from a declining farmhouse into the beautiful and atmospheric Manor you can explore today.