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William Bee’s Wonderful World of Trains, Boats and Planes

William Bee

Pavilion Children's


ISBN: 9781843654155

Price: £6.99

Publication date: 6 June 2019

ISBN: 9781843653448

Price: £12.99

Publication date: 7 September 2017

ISBN: 9781843653752

ASIN: B079T386ZS

Price: £ 6.99

  Our price: £

Publication date: 15 February 2018

Category: Picture Books

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New in paperback!

William Bee is back and this time he’s showing us his amazing collection of trains, boats, planes and more.

There’s his harrier jump jet, which can take off vertically, his World War I fighter plane that can perform amazing stunts, the steam locomotive (peep peep!), the mini submarine, his speedboat (occasionally stolen by Sparky the Dog), and even his space rocket! Blast off!

The cone family are helping, or is that hindering?, with the transport, as is Sparky.

Perfect for every child fascinated by amazing vehicles that can fly, float, dive underwater, travel on tracks and blast off into outer space!

Vroom Vroom! Peep Peep! We have blast off!


William Bee was born in London, but now lives in the English countryside. As well as writing and illustrating children’s books, he races a vintage sports car, is an international skier, and when at home tends his lawns and meadow.



'William Bee perfectly captures the magic that children feel. The joyful exuberance spills over in his pictures, giving children a wonderful experience to enjoy… Great fun'

'Youngsters will return to this joyous book, packed with colourful and detailed illustrations again and again.’

'Brimming with pages of eye-catching vehicles in all their wonderful detail, this marvellous mix of fun and facts is proving irresistible to young readers … Each double-page spread is packed with beautiful, graphic full-colour illustrations and there is plenty of humorous detail to spot along the journey.'

‘It’s dynamic, quirky and original with a Ripley’s Believe It or Not quality about it. The punchy, colourful illustrations have an old-fashioned but warm appeal to them. Children will delight in finding hidden details on every page and every vehicle.'

'A joyful celebration of vehicles … The illustrations in this story are a visual feast.'

'Wonderful, full-colour illustrations bring to life all manner of trains, boats and aeroplanes taking the reader on a voyage of discovery that is sure to be enjoyed again and again by young readers. Children will be fascinated and entertained.’


  • William Bee’s Wonderful World of Trains, Boats and Planes

    Colouring Sheet 2.

  • William Bee’s Wonderful World of Trains, Boats and Planes

    Colouring Sheet 1.

  • William Bee’s Wonderful World of Trains, Boats and Planes

    Colouring Sheet 3.