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You’re Pregnant Too,Mate!

The Essential Guide for Expectant Fathers

Gavin Rodgers


ISBN: 9781861052773

Price: £8.99

Publication date:

Category: Lifestyle & Gardening

Men get pregnant too. Not physically, but during a partner’s pregnancy, men go thru nine exciting, terrifying months during which they must find solutions to morning sickness and breast engorgement, and comfort their partners thru a million crises and cravings. "You’re Pregnant too, Mate!" is a genuine pregnancy guide for men. With everything he needs to know, from conception (he spends years avoiding it, now he can’t quite manage it), thru pregnancy (coping with sick/moody partner and sick/ moody himself), to dealing with a torrent of abuse and in-laws at birth, it’s the perfect companion for any man during the nine (one, one) months.