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Make Way for Molly Mischief!

Pavilion Children’s Books is extremely proud to present the new character from Adam Hargreaves,
best known as the author and illustrator of the Mr Men and Little Miss series.



Adam has been writing and illustrating Mr Men and Little Miss books for nearly 30 years, since taking over from his father and Mr Men creator, Roger, in the late 1980s. Inspired by his daughter, in whom he saw “a mischievous girl who is clever, brave and wants to do whatever she feels like,” Adam has created the unforgettable Molly Mischief – his first venture outside the world of the Mr Men and Little Misses. Molly stars in a series of adventures starting with My Perfect Pet.

“I have lots of ideas. I think they are very good ideas, but not everyone agrees.”
– Molly Mischief

Molly Mischief is – you guessed it – a bit cheeky, to say the least! Determined, imaginative and resourceful, she is a girl with big ideas, and in this first book in the series she wants a new pet.
I want a big pet.
A large pet.
A giant pet.
A huge pet.

But it seems that finding just the right sort of pet is going to prove a bit tricky… Inspired by a trip to the zoo, plenty of mischief and mayhem ensues as Molly ‘borrows’ various animals, from hippo to tiger to giraffe to elephant, but they just end up causing havoc among the family and the local neighbourhood. Just what sort of pet will be perfect for Molly? A laugh-out-loud story for sharing, with bold, fun illustrations, Molly Mischief: My Perfect Pet celebrates a larger-than-life little girl learning a valuable lesson in appreciating what you’ve already got (unless he’s your younger brother!).


Also available in the series are Molly Mischief Saves the World! and Molly Mischief: When I Grow Up!


Find out more and download the Molly Mischief activity pack and poster to print at home